The Saint Sarah love spell

Materials you need for this magic spell:

  • Eight red candles
  • Eight coins
  • Eight sheets of paper
  • A black marker

Step by step instructions to cast this magic spell:

Place the eight red candles in a circle around the coins and light them one by one saying, for each candle, these magic words 3 times:

I invoke you St. Sarah. So that you may help me as you helped Mary Salome, St. Maximinus and St. Sidonius. Amen.

Use the black marker to write on the eight sheets of paper your name and date of birth followed by the name and date of birth of the person you want to make fall in love.

Wrap each of the eight pieces of paper with each of the eight coins. Then let the candles burn out and keep the coins wrapped in the paper under your bed for eight nights.

On the ninth day he throws the coins into a river one by one, saying these magic words for each coin:

By the power of St. Sarah. Trampher of Dragons and Basilisks. Bridge between the rough sea and the mainland. Wish me and love me forever.