Powerful Egyptian love spell to make him fall in love with you

Materials you need for this magic spell:

  • Two red candles
  • A sharp knife to carve candles
  • A green silk ribbon

Step by step instructions to cast this magic spell:

With the sharp knife engrave on a candle, from top to bottom, the name of the person you want to make fall in love with you, and on the other candle engrave your name, from bottom to top.

Tie the two candles together with the green silk ribbon and light them.

Hold them and say these magic words 23 times:

Abraoeris! Abranuket! Abrabek! Our spirits cross each other, our hearts beat in unison and our breaths become one! from today (name) you will love me, from today you will only want to be with me, and without me you will no longer live! This is my wish! This is your new life! With me! That’s how it will be!

Blow out the candles and bury them near the house of the man (or woman) you want to make fall in love with you.