Love me forever spell

Materials you need for this magic spell:

  • Twelve red candles
  • A picture of the person you want to make fall in love with you
  • A glass jar
  • Seven verbena leavesRed
  • Soy milk

Step by step instructions to cast this magic spell:

Place the twelve red candles around the glass jar and light them one by one saying these magic words:

First candle: “Qui Aries levis est!” Second candle: “Qui Taurus levis est!” Third Candle: “Qui Gemini Levis East!” Fourth candle: “Qui Cancer Levis est!” Fifth candle: “Qui Leo Levis est!” Sixth candle: “Qui Virgo levis est!” Seventh candle: “Qui Libra levis est!” Eighth candle: “Qui Scorpius levis est!” Ninth candle: “Qui Sagittarius levis est!” Tenth candle: “Qui Capricornus levis est!” Eleventh candle: “Qui Aquarius levis est!” Twelfth candle: “Qui Pisces levis est!”

Put the photo in the glass jar with the verbena leaves and fill it with soy milk.

Close the jar and say these magic words 12 times:

Uimia drakona. Hamame (name of the person you want to make fall in love with you). Sicume. Semperme. Hamame. Uimia drakona. Hamame.

Let the candles burn out and keep the jar under your bed.