Angelic spell for prosperity and success

Materials you need for this magic spell:

  • A sheet of paper
  • A green marker
  • Eight green candles
  • Eight golden candles

Step by step instructions to cast this magic spell:

With the green marker, draw seven concentric circles on the sheet of paper.

Place the eight green candles and the eight golden candles around the sheet of paper, alternating them by colour: one green, one golden, one green, one golden…

Light the candles and say these magic words 7 times:

By the power of Kamael, Haniel, Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Hesediel, Binael, Raziel and Metatron, descend upon me, light of heaven, and bring prosperity to my house. Aelkamael. Nielhael. Chaelmiel. Aepharahel. Dihesel. Neaelbihel. Zierahael. Tromehtahel. 

Burn the paper and let the candles burn out.