Magic Spells is a website aimed at all fans of Magic and Witchcraft. The website is designed as a virtual “Book of Shadows” with hundreds of DIY Magic Spells that you can browse for free. All the Magic Spells published on this website are taken from ancient occult texts or written by real spellcasters with many years of experience. The purpose of this website is to create a great online Grimoire, a place where everyone can find the spells to suit their needs.

Casting a spell is not easy, but our True Magic Spells really work and they will help you learn the arts of Magic and Witchcraft. In fact, the occult arts fall into a dimension only apparently inaccessible. In reality there are no real magic secrets, the only “trick” resides in yourself and is called “faith”. Faith is the first, and perhaps the only, key to opening the doors of the occult and seeing one’s desires fulfilled. Faith understood as the trust of one’s own latent (and therefore occult) powers, and not as religious adherence to a prophetic proclamation. Faith understood as trust in oneself and in one’s creative potential beyond all limits. Potential that only through faith (in oneself and in the Magic Spell that is performed) each one of us can awaken and “magically” channel towards the material realization of the goals we have set ourselves.

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